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New performance classes for servo drives and servo motors–
We offer motion solutions from a single source

We are expanding the power range of our electric drive components with a new 2 kW servo drive and new 1.2 kW and 2 kW servo motors. This allows us to offer a more refined selection and a more targeted use of our components in automation systems.

With the new classes, we are expanding the power range of our EM1 servo motors from 50 to now 2,000 watts. With the special stator-rotor design, the highly dynamic AC synchronous servo motors achieve a very low torque ripple and high power density in a compact design. The performance class of the ED1 servo drives is also growing: A compact 2 kW servo drive is now available. This closes the gap between 1 kW and 5 kW and allows us to offer a continuous power range from 400 watts to 7,500 watts.
“With HIWIN, you get the complete package of compact and powerful drives and the matching servo drive from a single source”, explains HIWIN Managing Director Werner Mäurer. “Our ED1s can be combined with all our servo motors, linear motors and torque motors in a user-friendly way. With the matching belt and spindle axes or complete motion systems, the results is a very economical drive trio.”

Configure or download the CAD models that match your electric drive components.